The 2010 Attending an NFL Training Camp Debate… Music City Madness

Read the opposing arguments from Sports Geek and Bleacher Fan.

Late July is coming, folks. For me that means two things, and one of those things is NOT the end of the Tour de France. One thing is the MLB trading deadline, which is July 31. The other is the beginning of NFL training camps.

NFL training camps are a topic The Sports Debates will address in earnest all of next week, as that content will be devoted to football – and let me tell you, we are excited. But as a teaser, we are going to give a little sneak peak today. As a member of the media I would want to attend several training camps, as many have interesting storylines. Teams with good story lines include Washington, Seattle, and Pittsburgh. But I would really love to attend the training camp of the Tennessee Titans, which is set to begin on July 31.

First, the Titans really aren’t a bad team. While it’s true the team missed the playoffs last season (finishing the season 8-8 after starting the season 0-6), many of the same pieces from the team that went 13-3 two seasons ago are still in place. As someone with credentials, though, that would not be why I would show up at Titans camp. I bet you can guess the very first person I want to go talk to!!

Here’s how it would go.

“Vince… Loyal Homer with The Sports Debates… do you have a second? Thanks! Guess you really did bomb the Wonderlic test right out of college, huh? What were you thinking, Vince? Was it really necessary to get in a fight at a strip club? Didn’t you think there would be cameras in every room there? Is it that easy to provoke you?”

Okay, maybe I wouldn’t say all that, but you get the drift.

Seriously, this guy messed up again, and while it appears he’s once again going to get a free pass from the league… for now… you have to wonder how many chances he’ll get on and off the field. He is an incredible talent on the field, however, and he’s supposedly worked on his accuracy a lot during the off-season. The Atlanta Falcons used to say that about Michael Vick, too, but apparently they weren’t talking about football when referring to him.

Second, I want to see how this Chris Johnson contract saga plays out. Mr. Johnson has been an absolute stud on my fantasy team the past two seasons, and I would want to thank him for that (if he actually shows up at camp). Look at his numbers. Johnson is not happy with his rookie contract (in which he is set to make $550,000 this season), and I really can’t blame him for that. But, depending on how you feel about holdouts, he is under contract, as head coach Jeff Fisher so appropriately put it. Contract holdouts are the kind of stories that linger over training camp and give media members something to write about. Those stories drive coaches and players insane, so all parties involved are hoping the situation resolves itself.

These are two stories that have nothing to do with anything on the field. But if I had credentials for NFL training camps, that is why I’d want to be at the Titans camp.

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