The Most Interesting 2010 NFL Matchup Debate… Will Donavan Receive a Brotherly Love Welcome?

Read the opposing arguments from Bleacher Fan and Babe Ruthless.

The NFL season starts Thursday night, and I can’t wait! Hopefully, you’ve had your fantasy draft by now and you’re in the mood for an exciting NFL season. There are all kinds of storylines to look at as the season approaches. If you look at the NFL schedule, you’ll see a plethora of “must see” games. However, one game stands out more than all the rest. It is a game that is definitely circled on Loyal Home’s calendar.

On October 3, the Washington Redskins travel to Lincoln Financial Field to take on the Philadelphia Eagles. Obviously this is an important NFC East matchup. But this isn’t just another divisional matchup. This is Donavan McNabb’s initial return to the City of Brotherly Love as a member of the opposing team. Admit it, you’re just a wee bit curious to watch this game!

The big question is how McNabb will be received by those fans who rooted for him (and I use the term “rooted” very loosely) for eleven years. How do you think he will be received? Will he be remembered as the guy who led the Eagles to five NFC championship games, including one Super Bowl appearance? Will he be remembered as a six-time Pro Bowl quarterback? Will he be remembered as the guy who won games despite having guys like Todd Pinkston and James Thrash as wide receivers? Will he be remembered as the guy who made Campbell’s Chunky Soup seem like it would be something worth eating?

Or will Philly fans remember the guy they booed on draft day? Will they remember the guy who possibly threw up in the Super Bowl? Will they remember the guy who couldn’t win the big game? Will they remember the guy who was seemingly hurt quite a bit?

It wasn’t exactly a clean break between McNabb and the Eagles organization. There appears to be a strong connection between McNabb and his former head coach, Andy Reid, but I think that’s where the love ends. The fact that McNabb plays for a division rival only stirs up the passion even more for Eagles fans, even though McNabb has nothing to do with where he was dealt.

Keep in mind Philadelphia is a town that boos Santa Claus and once cheered as a motionless Michael Irvin lying on the ground. I have a feeling that the vast majority of the fans in Philadelphia that October afternoon will be booing #5. In any other town, he would likely get a rousing ovation. But this is Philly. And that’s why I’ll be watching.

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