The Kevin Kolb Career Debate… Common Sense, or Kevin Kolb?

Read the opposing argument from Babe Ruthless.

I am going to assume that you travel the same way to work every day.

Let’s pretend that one day your normal route is closed due to construction, and you have to take a detour. But you find as you take this detour it is actually a faster route to take. It saves you time and money, and allows you to completely bypass traffic. So when the day comes where your “normal” route is opened back up, do you return to it just because that is what you had said your route to work was? Or do you stick with the new route, which has proven to be more successful today?

Obviously, you would choose the route that has PROVEN to be better, but that seems like a bit of common sense that passed Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid by.

Reid had a PLANNED offense that would rely on Kevin Kolb as the starting quarterback, and a PROVEN offense that has found success behind Michael Vick.

Kevin Kolb has a career passer rating of 67.8. Michael Vick’s passer rating since returning to the NFL is 103.3 (and is 76.8 over his career).

Kolb has played in 13 total NFL games, started only two of them, and has a career record of 1-1. Vick has played in 88 games, starting 68 of them, and has a career record of 38-28-1.

Kolb, over his career, has thrown only 140 passes. Vick has completed more than 140 passes in four out of his six seasons as an NFL starter.

Kolb has thrown for only four touchdowns and seven interceptions in his career. Vick has, in only one and a half games this season, thrown for three touchdowns and zero interceptions (and has 75 TDs and only 52 interceptions in his career).

Kolb is an unproven backup, recently promoted into a starting role simply on prospect and practice performance. Vick is a three-time Pro Bowler with both regular season and post-season success under his belt.

Should I continue? I didn’t think so.

It seems ridiculous that this would even be a question, yet Andy Reid was foolishly risking his own job by insisting that Kevin Kolb remain the starter.

I completely understand that Kevin Kolb is an exciting prospect in the Reid’s eyes. I also respect Reid’s desire to avoid a messy quarterback controversy, and my intention is not to knock Kolb for his limited opportunity, or to imply that he will be a failure in the NFL. But is it really a controversy when there is such a clear one-sided favorite? Reid is actually CREATING the controversy by keeping Vick on the sidelines.

Facts are facts, and the reality for Andy Reid is that he is right now choosing to stick with a quarterback who is essentially no more experienced than rookie Sam Bradford, and who has performed as an average (at best) quarterback when he HAS played… even when he has a guy sitting on the sidelines who has proven that he is ready to not only compete, but actually WIN in the NFL.

So what sense could it possibly make to keep Vick on the sidelines?

Andy Reid made a gutsy call this off-season when he let Donovan McNabb go. That decision immediately put him on the hot seat, especially playing in a city like Philadelphia where the fans demand nothing short of their own versions of success. Although Reid had said he believes Kolb is the future of the Eagles franchise, Michael Vick right now is not only playing better than Kolb, he is playing better than all but the most elite of quarterbacks in the NFL.

That is like turning down a free cut of filet mignon because you heard that the vegan menu might be better for you in the long run.

So far this season, Vick has thrown for 459 yards (the 11th most in the NFL, on a full half less playing time than everyone else on the leaderboard) on 43 completions, for four touchdowns and no picks. He has also rushed for 140 yards.

His 105.5 passer rating so far this season is fourth best in the NFL. There are also only nine quarterbacks with more touchdown passes than Vick, and only one of those nine (Peyton Manning) can also boast no interceptions.

Michael Vick has started the season as one of the top quarterbacks in the league. The decision to keep his PROVEN success on the bench, just because some THINK Kevin Kolb will be better, is one that SHOULD cost you your job. Every day that goes by where Reid sticks with Kolb put him one day closer to that inevitability.

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