The Kevin Kolb Career Debate

Read the opposing arguments from Babe Ruthless and Bleacher Fan.

So you thought there’d be no quarterback controversy in Philadelphia once Donovan McNabb left town? WRONG!

Once McNabb left town, Kevin Kolb was named the starter. It seemed like the right move. After all, there were some questions about whether or not Michael Vick would even be back in an Eagles uniform this season. Then Kolb started the season opener against the Packers but went down with a concussion. Vick came in and nearly led the Eagles to a comeback victory. Last Sunday against Detroit Vick showed that he still has it as he brought back memories of his days as a member of the Atlanta Falcons. Through it all, Andy Reid was saying – up until Tuesday evening – that Kolb would be the starter if he is cleared to play.

But one’s grip on a starting quarterback position is tenuous. Despite all players involved saying the right thing – even, surprisingly, Vick – there is a quarterback controversy brewing in Philadelphia. Make no mistake about that.

That brings us to today’s debate. What should Andy Reid do? Who should he choose as his starting quarterback?

Bleacher Fan will argue that Vick has done enough to warrant being named the starter while Babe Ruthless believes Kolb deserves to keep his job as starting quarterback, provided he is healthy.

Vick or Kolb… who is it going to be?

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3 Responses to The Kevin Kolb Career Debate

  1. Matt says:

    We took the stance over at Jersey Boys that Vick should be the starter. He is proven and is the best chance to win.


    • Sports Geek says:

      But is he reliable enough to be “the guy?” Committing to him is a big deal, not a short term solution.

      • Bleacher Fan says:

        Why can’t it be a short term solution? Vick is the guy who is winning for you right now. That doesn’t have to mean that Kolb is out, or that it is Vick’s job forever. All it means is that Vick deserves to be the starter now because he seems a more reliable option at the moment.

        Maybe Kolb needs more time to develop, or maybe Kolb is ready today. We don’t know. But what we DO know is that Vick is playing arguably BETTER football today than he was before he got in trouble. To keep that guy on the sidelines is a mistake, and Andy Reid got it right by naming Vick the starter on Sunday.

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