The BCS Top 8 Does Not Belong Debate… Even After A Big Win The Tigers Still Don’t Belong

Read the opposing argument from and Babe Ruthless.

I sat down last Saturday night in the comfort of my own home fully expecting Oklahoma to just throttle Missouri. I was quite surprised as the Tigers disposed of Boomer Sooner relatively easily. Despite that big primetime victory over a number one ranked opponent (and how that particular opponent was number one is an entirely different debate we should have), I’m still not totally sold on the Tigers. I do not believe they deserve to be in this week’s top eight in the BCS standings

First off, the Tigers were unranked in the pre-season AP poll. Therefore, the team was allowed to sneak up on not only the entire Big XII, but basically the entire country. The main reason they’ve been able to do that is because of their high profile matchup last weekend. Until that game the team had not really played anyone of note. In the first five games they beat the likes of Illinois, McNeese State, San Diego State, Miami of Ohio, Colorado, and Texas A&M. Those are not exactly the type of opponents that give a strong strength of schedule rating. And, with the exception of the come from behind three point victory over the Aztecs, the Tigers had relatively little trouble in any of those games.

Yet somehow, after the beat-down of the Sooners, the computers suddenly hopped on the Tigers’ bandwagon. I mean, are Chase Daniel and Pro Football Hall of Famer and Tigers alumni Kellen Winslow in charge of the computer portion of the BCS this season? The computers have the Tigers ranked second, which is good enough to pull their poll ranking of eight up to their BCS ranking of sixth. The computers apparently thought so much of last Saturday’s victory that they gave that much of a bump to Missouri. Are the Tigers the second best team in the land, as the computers are suggesting? These same computers have Oregon eighth, if that tells you anything.

Now, not everything in this article is anti-Missouri. I came away really impressed with quarterback Blaine Gabbert. I admittedly was not all that familiar with Gabbert until last weekend. But he put on quite a show against the Sooners, and for the season he has thrown for just under 1,900 yards and 11 touchdowns with just three interceptions. Guess who he faces this week though? The Nebraska Cornhuskers. The same Cornhuskers he committed to out of high school but then spurned when he decided to stay closer to home. The fans in Lincoln remember that. As if it wouldn’t be tough enough to face a Bo Pelini led-defense…

Maybe the Tigers will prove Loyal Homer wrong. Maybe they will go into Lincoln and win this weekend and do it impressively. But to this point, I just don’t see how they are ranked as high as they are. They are very undeserving and have done very little to warrant that ranking. Now come after me Columbia!! I want to hear you!

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