The BCS Top 8 Does Not Belong Debate… TC WHO?

Read the opposing argument from and Loyal Homer.

They say in the land of the blind, the man with one eye is king. But that doesn’t mean he has great vision. In much the same vein, Texas Christian University is undefeated thus far this season, but that doesn’t mean that they deserve to be ranked fourth in the nation.

Just looking at the record, TCU certainly appears to be having a great season, but what team wouldn’t be having a great season if they were playing in the Mountain West Conference? TCU’s record has been inflated because the team has feasted on the home cooking of a very weak conference. This season the Horned Frogs have outscored conference rivals by 131 points and have a near shut out going against Mountain West teams on the defensive part of the ball as well.

In four games against Mountain West competitors – Brigham Young, Wyoming, Colorado State, and Air Force – TCU has put up a total of 141 points while opponents have only managed to score a combined total of ten points. Three of those opponents – Brigham Young, Wyoming, and Colorado State – combined for only three points. That’s right, I said three points… one stinkin’ field goal. That is either a testament to the competitiveness of TCU, or to the utter ineptitude of the teams in the conference. I would tend to believe it’s the latter.

Outside of the conference TCU hasn’t exactly played a whole host of winners either. Teams like Tennessee Tech and Southern Methodist don’t exactly build a strong case for the fourth best team in America. But a non-conference game has also been the biggest bragging point of TCU’s schedule. TCU’s victory over #24 Oregon State has been the only win over a ranked opponent thus far in 2010. With every loss to non-ranked opponents like Washington, the Oregon State victory loses its glimmer.

So while TCU may be undefeated this season the quality of opponents has been so underwhelming that it does not warrant their current ranking.

TCU quite simply doesn’t belong in the same conversation with the nation’s elite college football teams. It seems that TCU is riding on the coattails of Boise State. There have been few teams garnering as much buzz recently as Boise State, and TCU’s similarities have no doubt tied them to the Broncos. Both teams seem to be thumping their competition, weak as it may be, and there has been a big push to see teams from smaller conferences included in the BCS big picture.

While I have made it known in a previous debate that I don’t believe that Boise State deserves all the BCS love, I certainly don’t believe TCU belongs either. Since their loss to Boise State last January in the Fiesta Bowl TCU has been connected in the public’s mind to Boise State, and has been cruising in their wake as far as football reputations go. The problem for TCU however is that there simply isn’t room enough for two teams from lesser conferences to get the small market bump to the top of the BCS charts. TCU hasn’t proved that they are as strong as one and two loss teams in tougher divisions, and just doesn’t belong.

I am not denying that TCU is a talented football team, because they are. But I do not feel that they deserve at top four ranking, let alone a spot in the top eight. They simply do not play a challenging enough schedule and have received more attention than they should by being associated with a very popular Boise State team. On their own TCU’s credentials just don’t prove that they are the best in the country. They may be more talented than I give them credit for, but until they stop playing teams the quality of Tennessee Tech and start playing other top five ranked teams, there are just too many unanswered questions to justify their ranking.

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