The 2010 Mid-Season NFL Coach to Go First Debate… Down and Out in Dallas

Read the opposing arguments from Sports Geek and Loyal Homer.

Wade Phillips has lost all semblance of control over the Dallas Cowboys. To allow him to coach one more game is an insult to both the players and fans in Dallas.

His continuing ineptitude at the helm causes more damage and scarring to the culture of an utterly defeated team. The 35-17 drubbing at the hands of the pedestrian Jacksonville Jaguars is proof enough. The Jags are currently ranked last in the AFC South with a 4-4 record, but last Sunday they looked like they were a conference powerhouse playing against the Cowboys.

Dallas’ usually vaunted defense allowed David Garrard to utterly embarrass the Cowboys and at home at Cowboy Stadium, no less. Garrard completed 17-21 attempts for 260 yards and four touchdowns. Keep in mind those stats are not coming from Drew Brees, Tom Brady, or Peyton Manning… but David Garrard. The Cowboys allowed him to go 10-10 in the first half. The worst part is the ‘Boys weren’t any more effective at stuffing the run either. Maurice Jones Drew ran wild on the Cowboys for 135 yards on 27 touches, which means he was averaging five yards a carry. There is no way anyone can be convinced that Phillips’ Cowboys haven’t completely given up when they are allowing the equivalent of a first down on every other carry throughout a game.

Things got even uglier when the Cowboys had possession of the ball. Whether backup quarterback Jon Kitna was tossing interceptions or Marion Barber was getting stuffed on the goal line, the only thing the Cowboys had to offer was highlight reel blunders. Phillips’ incompetence was on full display last week and that cannot be allowed to continue. Rich Eissen made the sad but fair assessment that even, “The Texas Ranger have more wins in October than the Dallas Cowboys.”

While firing Wade Phillips mid-season is not a miracle solution that will somehow magically catapult the Cowboys from the cellar of the NFC East into playoff contention, it is a declaration to the players, fans, and the rest of the league that Dallas is committed to competing.

Dallas must fire Wade Phillips on general principle alone. The Cowboys, after all, have a reputation to maintain.

Dallas has built a rich legacy which suffers every week Phillips is allowed to continue with his charade of leadership. The Cowboys are now in the elite company of teams like the 0-7 Buffalo Bills, who are last in the AFC, and 1-6 Carolina Panthers, who are tied with the Cowboys for the dubious honors of being the worst team in the NFC.

It is absolutely shocking that Jerry Jones has allowed for this to continue for as long as it has. Watching “America’s Team” be humiliated by a host of underwhelming opponents (yes, I mean you Washington Redskins and Chicago Bears) is slowly eroding the legacy that the Cowboys have fought to establish all these years. Jones should, and with any common sense will, make a stand and show that he is committed to winning starting right now. Anything less would be second best, and we know that won’t fly for long in Texas.

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