The 2010 Mid-Season NFL Coach to Go First Debate… Fire Childress Chant Picks Up Steam

Read the opposing arguments from Babe Ruthless and Loyal Homer.

It was not hard to hear. And it wasn’t one of those chants you hear from a crowd that is tough to figure out what is being chanted. It was abundantly clear to all those in attendance that the crowd on the Minnesota Vikings’ home turn was yelling “Fire Brad Childress… Fire Brad Childress!” The thing is, the crowd was spitting this refrain after a win over the Lions, the team’s first win of the 2010 season.

Many coaches are on finding their respective seats getting hotter and hotter. But, Brad Childress is the proud owner of the hottest seat around right now. No NFL team had higher expectations coming into the season, and no team has done a worse job of fulfilling those expectations.

Fans agree. There is a Fire Brad Childress Internet petition you can sign. If that is too much action for you, feel free and enjoy a video compilation or funny Childress poses that are clear proof he must be fired. Read reports of tiffs between Childress and the player his entire career is now tethered securely to… reports that pre-date game one of the season. Join the Fire Brad Childress Facebook group, retweet some pithy remarks from, or Twitter’s “firechildress,” or Here’s a picture of Childress with a bright red X over his face.

Usually when fans are getting this loud about firing a coach it is tougher for the front office to ignore. Childress has not delivered an NFC Championship or Super Bowl in his tenure, and he has made a host of questionable and dubious decisions, including enabling Brett Favre’s indecision and tying his team’s success dubiously to Favre’s right arm (and ankle, elbow, fingers, thumb, legs, etc.).

Just this week Childress decided to release his new prized receiver and offensive savior, Randy Moss, rather than listen to possible insights from a player who dressed in the opponents uniform a short week before playing them. Hmmm, it seems like a pretty bad idea to ignore the advice of a veteran, let alone one that can willingly help identify tendencies of an opponent.

Childress’ bad decisions really are too numerous to mention. First, the decision to beg Favre to come back and play for him is ridiculous and many levels. He let Favre skip camp and hold his entire team hostage. Then, as the season dawned, the group played predictably bad and unorganized. Second, Childress has not been effective at keeping talented players to stay in Minnesota. Center Matt Birk – who is one of the better players at his position in the league – loved playing in Minnesota, but not for Brad Childress. These are not small, insignificant decisions. These are decisions as a head coach that dramatically impact the talent of the team and the mental health of the locker room.

The consequences of these decisions – and many more- are now becoming very evident. A case for firing Childress is clear, but why fire Childress before the end of the season – and before coaches like Wade Phillips and Mike Singletary, who are being highlighted by my esteemed colleagues?

The Vikings stand only to lose more and more the longer Childress is coach. The team is not a playoff team this season, is far back in the standings, and is struggle to mesh the varying talents of a patchwork team after a desperation move to trade for Randy Moss… a decision for the present that has a cost for the future.

While some Childress apologists may be reading this and screaming at their computer screens right now that Brett Favre is the issue, consider that Favre is not the team’s running game. One of the primary issues with the lackluster Vikings offense – the side of the ball Childress professes to be a guru on – is the inconsistency of the running game. The real issues on the offensive side of the ball appear to be undetermined, and that responsibility can be laid at the feet of the self-professed offensive guru/head coach.

Listen, it’s a bad economy still. Jobs are tough to come by. But Childress probably has some pennies stocked away somewhere. And Vikings cans can’t wait for him to need them.

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