The 2010 Mid-Season NFL Coach to Go First Debate… The Niners Want A Winner… And It’s Not Singletary

Read the opposing arguments from Babe Ruthless and Sports Geek.

As is the case seemingly every season, there are a lot of coaches on the hot seat in the NFL. My two colleagues are taking two high profile coaches today, and those guys are definitely on the hot seat. But so is San Francisco head coach Mike Singletary.

One of Singletary’s first “rants” as a head coach two years ago was directed at tight end Vernon Davis. In his very FIRST game back in October of 2008, Singletary went off in the now famous tirade, demanding that he wanted winners. He also stated that, “He would rather play with ten people and just get penalized all the way until we gotta do something else rather than play with 11 when right now that person is not sold out to be a part of this team.” Well, Mike, let me tell you. I like you… I like the old school mentality you have, and the intensity you always seem to have in your voice. But, you don’t have winners right now , Mike. Sometimes, it looks like the players on the 49ers have thrown in the towel. And despite the win last week over another disappointing team, the Denver Broncos, I believe that Mike Singletary should be the first coach to be given the boot!

In roughly two and a half years as a head coach, Singletary’s record stands at 15-18. On the surface that really isn’t all that bad. But keep in mind that the NFL is a “Win Now” league. And this season many, Loyal Homer not included, expected the 49ers to compete for a division title. That just hasn’t happened as Singletary and his boys currently sit at 2-6. What’s really disturbing about some of their losses is the way they have finished games. The Saints beat the Niners on a walk off field goal in week two. They had the Falcons beaten in week four, but thanks to a bonehead play by Nate Clements, the Falcons got an extra possession and eventually won the game. And how do you lose to Carolina, who was winless at the time? Have any of you seen Carolina play? Yikes! (That’s for you, Babe Ruthless).

A year ago, who would have thought that of the two Bay Area coaches, Mike Singletary’s seat would be hotter than Tom Cable’s. Wrap your head around that! But that’s exactly what has happened. And the thing is, the 49ers have talent. Maybe not at the quarterback position, but look at running back (Frank Gore), tight end (Vernon Davis), wide receiver (Michael Crabtree), and the linebacker position (Patrick Willis). The young pieces are there to build around. They just need a coach. Mike Singletary isn’t that guy, unfortunately. He’s an assistant coach playing the role of a head coach. He’s in over his head and it’s time for him to go… now!

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