The Best Game of THIS Weekend Debate… Iggles Must Bear Down

Read the opposing arguments from Bleacher Fan and Sports Geek.

It should come as no big surprise to the TSD faithful that Babe Ruthless is not the biggest fan of college football. While NCAA football may be the tantalizing main course for other writers here at The Sports Debates, college football is usually just lumpy mashed potatoes to me.

So while this holiday weekend provides a virtual cornucopia of mouth watering college matchups – such as the intense border battles between schools like Michigan and Ohio state and the deep-seated state rivalries between schools like Auburn and Alabama, Clemson and South Carolina, Florida and Florida State, and Georgia and Georgia Tech – the amateur action leaves me wanting for seconds on my fill of football.

But, I have no fear. The NFL delivers its own smorgasbord of marquee matchups and dramatic storylines to fill the awkward silent moments while you await the departure of your house guests. Storylines such as the well timed return of Vincent Jackson to an underachieving San Diego Charger offense, and the highly publicized war of words between T.O. and Darrelle Revis. It’s enough for any with gridiron glutton.

But far and away the game that packs the most punch this Thanksgiving weekend is the NFC showdown between the NFC East leading Eagles (7-3) and the NFC North leading Bears (7-3).

This matchup figures to be a classic case of the unstoppable force colliding with the immovable object. Philadelphia is playing ridiculously well with Michael Vick under center, but the team faces, quite possibly, its biggest challenge against one of the league’s best defenses in Chicago.

By all appearances the Eagles offense seems to be unstoppable. The Eagles have posted the second most points in the NFL this season with 284 points, just five points fewer than the league leader New England’s 289. But, if Vick had been starting the entire season, it is possible the Eagles would be at the top. Keep in mind the short-lived Kevin Kolb era had Vick pulling down sideline duty with a clipboard in hand. But now Philly has found its groove with a dynamic offense that has been running wild with #7 as the full time signal caller. Many certainly doubted the legitimacy of Vick’s ability to bounce back after his time away from the game – myself included. But he has bounced back… in a big way. Look no further than the absolute humiliation of the man who brought Vick to the Eagles, Donovan McNabb, when the Redskins were drubbed 59-28. Make no second guesses about Vick’s Eagles, they are a force.

Still if any team figures to slow down these juggernauts it’s the Daaaaaaaaa Bears (I always wanted to write that). Chicago has earned its reputation once again as the dominant defensive powerhouse in the league. This season the Bears have held opponents to a measly 146 points, tied for best in the NFL with division rival Green Bay. Even more amazing is the fact that the Bears have secured the top spot in the competitive NFC North, to say nothing of posting the same win-loss record as Philly, all while ranking among the bottom third of the league in average points per game as well as rushing and passing. I do not intend to celebrate offensive ineptitude. I mean to call attention to just how awesome the defense truly is, and the scary thing is it seems to be getting better. Since adding phenom defensive end Julius Peppers this off-season the Bears have become much more dangerous on defense. The most recent shutout performance against the Dolphins indicates that Peppers and company are heating up at the right time.

This is certain to be a brutal clash of epic proportions. One that should make even the worst Thanksgiving experiences a distant memory even if just for a few hours.

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