The 2010 Michael Vick for MVP Debate… Too Quick For Vick

Read the opposing argument from Babe Rutless.

I’ve certainly been captivated by Michael Vick’s remarkable return to glory. The whole football-watching nation has, in fact. His game against the New York Giants two Sundays ago drew big ratings. It really is an amazing story, and I commend Vick for paying his debt to society and coming back as a better quarterback than he was in his tenure in Atlanta. I find myself somewhat rooting for the guy, and that’s something I said that I would never do again once he essentially left the Falcons out to dry. But, unlike Babe Ruthless and much of America, I’m not going to say that his performance to this point earns him consideration for the MVP award.

With yesterday’s loss, the Eagles still remain tied for the lead in the NFC East at 7-4. In games the artist formerly known as Ron Mexico has started, the Eagles are 5-1. That’s just six games out of a possible 11. I’m pulling out my Texas Instruments calculator and telling you that he has only finished less than 55 percent of his team’s games to this point in the season. Looking solely at that statistic, it’s hard for me to put him into the discussion for MVP at this point.

Yesterday also presented arguably the toughest test for Vick. Chicago traditionally proved to be quite the challenge for Vick. I recall the Bears often providing confusing defensive looks for number seven during his time wearing the red and black. I thought yesterday’s game would be a big test for him, and while he threw for over 300 yards he did much of that when the game was out of hand, and he did in fact throw his first interception of the season. It was a big test was because, despite the resurgence, his games had come against Detroit, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Washington, and the New York Giants. A couple of those are playoff-caliber teams, but he needed a chance to go against another top-notch defense. Chicago entered play yesterday third overall in total defense.

Lost amongst the hoopla over Vick’s “feel good story” are outstanding seasons by other players. Yes, believe it or not, other players really are having great seasons. Philip Rivers, whose Chargers got off to yet another horrible start this season, have been on fire all season as he is on pace to set the record for passing yards in a season, and now his team is coming on strong. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are also having outstanding seasons. Manning is playing with receivers who aren’t recognizable to most fantasy football players. Brady is playing with a guy whose last name is Woodhead who has relied on Brady to help Patriot nation quickly fell in love with him.

I think we all appreciate how far Vick has come… except maybe PETA. But no, he hasn’t played enough to warrant MVP consideration just yet. If you want to give him an award, I have absolutely no problem giving him the Comeback Player of the Year Award. But to give him consideration when he won’t play a full season is too much.

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