The NFL Becoming a Players League Debate

Read the opposing arguments from Babe Ruthless and Bleacher Fan.

It’s quite obvious that the NBA is a player’s league. It’s the one major sport where one person can literally take over the game by himself. The players also seemingly have a lot of control behind the scenes with players demanding trades and forcing coaching changes. Quite frankly, it has the reputation among many of being a “Me-First” league.

The NFL, which is easily the United States’ most popular sport, may possibly be headed down that same direction. For years, the impression was created that discipline existed in the league and that coaches were in charge. But have you watched the NFL any in the past month? Look at what has happened in Dallas and Minnesota. Both teams are playing noticeably better since coaching changes were made. The Cowboys very easily could be 4-0 under interim coach Jason Garrett and I think it’s safe to that Brad Childress didn’t have many friends on the Vikings’ 53-man roster. All they’ve done since the move was made is go 2-0 under Leslie Frazier.

So that begs the question: Is the NFL becoming a player’s league?

Babe Ruthless believes recent actions have convinced him that the league is becoming a player’s league. Meanwhile, Bleacher Fan believes that despite recent headlines the NFL is nowhere near becoming a player’s league.

We all love the NFL. It’s up to these two to determine if it really is changing.

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