The Re-Seeding the NFL Playoffs Debate

Read the opposing arguments from Loyal Homer and Optimist Prime.

This one is simple. It is true that some NFL teams suck. It is also true that some NFL teams that win divisions suck. Case in point? The leader of the NFC West – the St. Louis Rams, thanks to a tiebreak – lead the division at 6-8 over the 6-8 Seattle Seahawks. But, the 5-9 San Francisco 49ers are still in the hunt. Yea. I know.

So, good or bad, the team in the division that wins the most games will get into the playoffs. That is not the debate today, though. The debate today is: Should a team that wins its division – even if it has a losing record – still be eligible to HOST a playoff game?

By rule, NFL team that win a division get to host a playoff game, even if a Wild Card winning team has a better record. Loyal Homer will argue that division winners – regardless of how terrible they may be – deserve to host a playoff game while Optimist Prime will argue bad division winners with a losing record should not be eligible to host a playoff game.

Write up those articles, fellas. Then I’ll let you know who gets to have a Merry Christmas!

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