The Hiring A Michigan Coach Debate

Read the opposing arguments from Optimist Prime and Babe Ruthless.

It is hard to believe we’re having this debate about Michigan. Of course, it was fairly evident to any casual college football observer that Rich Rodriguez was not the long term coach for the Wolverines. But, still, it’s been Bo Schembechler and Lloyd Carr, well, FOREVER it seems.

It seems that Rodriguez, and his chosen fast-paced offensive style of football, was not a good fit for the establishment within the Big Ten. Michigan was never able to compete with Ohio State, Wisconsin, and even Michigan State on a regular basis.

Now the Michigan program is at a crossroads. Should it once again pursue a name like Rodriguez’s? When he was hired, Rodriguez was a high profile, splashy name at an already established program, but he was a system coach. A modern day correlation to Rodriguez is the increasingly popular Brady Hoke at San Diego State who seems to be on every coach-shopping program’s short list.

Or, should Michigan hire a lesser known name, but a coach with a style that better suits Big Ten competition?

It is a classic debate of style over substance. Should Michigan shoot for a high profile, splashy name, or an understated name that has a style more befitting of Michigan?

Babe Ruthless will argue that Michigan needs a big name, splashy hire to restore the program to its once great status while Optimist Prime will argue that Michigan should go after a lesser known coach who favors hard-nosed football and toughness – the hallmarks of the Big Ten.

It’s style versus substance – and your arguments better have both!

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