The Which Lockout Hurts More Debate

Read the opposing arguments from Optimist Prime and Bleacher Fan.

As we enter the end of yet another NFL season we begin to soak in the possibility that, unfortunately, a lockout may be forthcoming.

That day is quickly forthcoming in March. If you’ve watched any sports recently you know this, but more importantly, if you’ve read our debates you know this because we’ve been frowning upon the possibility of it for months. The players and the owners are squabbling over various issues including the owners wanting an eighteen game schedule and a rookie pay scale, which we touched on in a debate earlier this week. This would be disappointing on many levels, especially with the NFL playoffs again drawing record ratings, and is poised to do so again this weekend with two highly anticipated matchups.

Somewhat quietly on the horizon is the possibility of an NBA lockout. The current agreement expires at the end of the regular season, and I don’t know if it could happen at a worse time. The league has worked so hard to overcome the Michael Jordan shadow. Sfter some 12 years I think the league has finally made some progress. Interest and awareness in the league is up and ratings are up double digits from a year ago. Obviously, the guys in Miami have a big part in that, but it never hurts to have a good team in big markets like Los Angeles, Boston, and even a resurgent Knicks team in New York City. Not to mention buzz worthy up and coming players like Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose have captivated fans across the nations. The NBA has buzz, people! But a looming lockout seriously threatens that.

Herein lies today’s debate. With both leagues currently enjoying lots of notoriety, which one would have a more difficult recovery?

Look at it from all angles, arguers. Optimist Prime will argue that the NFL would struggle more while Bleacher Fan will argue that the NBA would have a more difficult recovery.

Let’s hope neither sport gets put into that position… but for the sake of this debate, you’re locked out!

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