The Shorten NASCAR Races Debate

Read the opposing arguments from Loyal Homer and Optimist Prime.

It was bound to happen sooner or later. NASCAR can now be considered an official sport now that outside interests – include one of its broadcast partners – is now trying to influence the actual sport and how it is conducted.

Fox Sports Chairman David Hill publically said that NASCAR races are too long. Yep, that’s the guy that controls which sports are shown on his network, and the millions – sometimes billions – of dollars that are shelled out for broadcast rights. To him, less is more.

But this debate is not about whether or not Hill is correct (I mean, is there much argument AGAINST races being shorter?). No, this debate is about whether Hill’s opinion should carry any weight.

For today’s arguers, should sponsors and/or broadcasters be determining the length of the races?

Loyal Homer will argue that NASCAR – and NASCAR alone – should influence and render final decisions about how the sport is run and governed. Optimist Prime, on the other hand, believes that outside opinions can improve a sport and should not be arbitrarily dismissed.

Who is right? Read the arguments and you decide. See if you can influence my verdict tomorrow.

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