The College Basketball Top 25 Purpose Debate

Read the opposing arguments from Optimist Prime and Bleacher Fan.

It’s human nature for us to check the polls every Monday to see where our favorite college basketball team is ranked. The rankings sometimes provide water cooler talk at the office, or a quick way to find scores on the bottom line or any mobile application on our cell phones. But unlike college football – where rankings do come into play due to the complicated formula of the BCS – the role of the rankings is not as clear cut.

San Diego State currently sits at 23-1 and is ranked sixth in both the AP poll and the coaches poll. However, the team has just one game that all of us remember, when the Aztecs played their showdown with BYU back on January 26th. We all know that was the Jimmer Fredette show. If the Aztecs win their rematch with the Cougars and run the table from here on out, there are questions as to whether or not they will be a number one seed due to NCAA tournament terms such as RPI and SOS…

Which leads us to today’s debate. Should the polls and rankings even matter in college basketball?

Bleacher Fan – who is a big fan of mid-majors due to his allegiance to his alma mater in Akron – will argue that rankings mean nothing. Optimist Prime, on the opposite end of the spectrum, will argue that rankings provide meaning and a sense of structure to college basketball.

I am judge and jury on this selection committee, and both of you are on the bubble. Whose bubble will burst? (Editor’s Note: Gross.)

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