The Sports Debates

“Sports debates are like rating crabcakes or sunsets or scotch. Everybody can separate good from bad, but the best often are matters of personal preference, rather than quantifiable measures.”
– Dave Fairbanks, Daily Press

Welcome! This blog is dedicated to providing the most in-depth, well researched, best-supported fan opinions and arguments on sports — in multiple debate formats.

Here’s how it works: Every weekday we select a topic that two authors take opposing sides on and argue. A judge introduce the day’s topic and the winner is then announced the next morning. The judge will render a decision – but it’s up to you, loyal readers, to sway their opinion with your votes in the various polls by leaving insightful comments.

We’re starting with three different contributors, each with a different perspective on sports, fandom, and society. We’ll have some heated debates (and maybe even make some inappropriate comments about each other’s families) The goal is to debate stuff that only sports fans care about, from the sports fans perspective. Well, professional fans.

Just because we’re starting with three fan personas doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more. The more good comments you leave, the greater the likelihood that we’ll invite you to develop your own persona and be a regular contributor. So, make your comments good, and we’ll make YOU famous(ish).

We all have to be well-researched, and we’re edited according to AP style guidelines thanks to Sports Geek who used to be a professional sports writer. The idea is to be professional, and back up everything we say with fact. All of our posts are fact-checked. We have sources to get some inside info (when we need it), and we’ll provide plenty of back up for our arguments. We are NOT a cliché blog that just spouts opinion without backing it up. We hate those blogs. We’re professional fans, and professional writers.

Our Publishing Times
Crappy sports websites never give you any idea about when the content will go live. Not so here at TSD. We publish daily at 12n, 2p, 4p starting Mondays (Eastern time), and 10a, 12n, 2p, 4p the remainder of the week. If we miss, you let us know. Our goal is to keep you informed and entertained… not guessing.

If you have questions, suggestions, opinions, or hate mail, email us!

One Response to The Sports Debates

  1. Bleacher Fan says:

    The verdict is coming…

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