Bio – Bleacher Fan

101154[1]For simplicity’s sake, you could just refer to me as “THAT guy.” As in “Who’s the guy screaming his head off behind me? Oh, it’s THAT guy.”

The less politically correct (but more commonly known) term for the Bleacher Fan is the Bleacher Bum. The funny thing is, I don’t mind that term, because I’m often less than politically correct myself! Don’t worry, though. I promised Sports Geek that I would play nice here.

The Bleacher Fan is the guy in the seats at any home game wearing his heart right on his sleeve. When times are good, the Bleacher Fan is busy screaming his voice away. When times are tough, the Bleacher Fan is busy screaming curses at all who cross his path. The Bleacher Fan is not afraid to hug another guy, but only if the situation is appropriate. It’s all about emotion and the moment for the Bleacher Fan. That’s what sports are all about anyway, isn’t it? The thrill of the ride!

The Bleacher Fan, alone, is just a voice in the crowd. The power of the Bleacher Fan, though, is that he’s not afraid to voice what everyone else is thinking. He’s an instigator, he’s a megaphone, he can be a team’s best friend, or its worst enemy. Before you know it, the Bleacher Fan has found a few hundred of his closest friends from section 502 to join him in his cries of support, or his cries of pain. The Bleacher Fan is the voice that the sports organization both fears and respects. The call from the stands can influence any game for the good, or for the bad. When the Bleacher Fan is happy, EVERYONE is happy. When the Bleacher Fan is upset, then everyone else has to be miserable!

As the resident Bleacher Fan on The Sports Debates, my angle is to speak as the voice of the fan. Occasionally, I’ll stoop so low as to actually use facts and statistics to support my argument, but don’t hold it against me. My primary concern is to evaluate the cause and effect that events have on the game from the fans perspective. If sports are a business, then the fans are the customer, and Bleacher Fan is the consumer advocate.

To all you commenting out there, it’s for you that I am writing. I welcome (and need) all of your feedback. Don’t pull any punches, because I am not going to. More importantly, though, remember that we are on the same side… the Bleacher Fan needs your support to be heard, so vote for me!

Bleacher Fan’s Record is: Court Room: 40-37, King of the Hill: 61-53

4 Responses to Bio – Bleacher Fan

  1. […] that the LA Lakers will win the NBA received the most votes, a whopping 61% compared to 14% for Bleacher Fan’s (0-1) Cavs argument (whoops) and 25% for Sports Geek’s (1-1) well-reasoned, likely prescient […]

  2. […] Bleacher Fan, as the winner of the previous debate, will debate that LeBron was justified in snubbing both the […]

  3. […] Bleacher Fan also insinuates that LeBron isn’t the media savvy professional we’ve all come to know and respect. I completely disregard the notion that LeBron can’t carry on a conversation with the media without disparaging teammates. He is smart enough to not lay blame at the feet of his coach, GM, or teammates (though I think there was plenty of go around). A leader has to face these kinds of questions, and how they answer them is what defines them as a leader. […]

  4. […] week, including a controversial verdict to the Sampras-Federer debate (had to throw that in there Bleacher Fan… ), we come to another interesting topic – one that caught the attention of all three of us […]

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