New!!!! Bio – Optimist Prime

Optimist PrimeI am Optimist Prime. I look for the good in sports. While sports talk – and all sports debate in general – is often dominated by searching for a scapegoat, a player to bench, or a coach to fire, I look for the positives. When others ignore the past or give up on the present, I see the context around a situation and how it may help a team or an athlete.

I am not oblivious to the facts of a situation. I just don’t see a two game losing streak as a cause to change the logo, fire the hot dog guys, and blow up the stadium. Sometimes a team or a player needs a little adversity in order to get organized and prepared for the championship chase.

I see every injury as an opportunity for a player to step up and make a name for himself. I watch my team give up a late touchdown, see a minute left on the clock, and think “They left us time to score, we can do this.” I’ve seen enough crazy things happen in sports to know that you don’t need to knock the hopeful look off your face until the clock hits all zeroes and the buzzer sounds.

I see a season ending in a championship game defeat as a stepping stone for bigger and better things in the coming years. I see returning players, not the ones lost. I see veterans as experienced rather than over the hill. I see rookies as ready to contribute instead of in over their heads.

I see myself as the voice of reason here on The Sports Debates. I’m the one talking my buddies down from the ledge, trying to convince them not to burn their jerseys and back over their game DVDs with the family car. I am the one who buys the division championship t-shirt because any championship is hard to win. I am the one who thinks a championship is legitimate even if your most hated opponent swept you during the regular season. I think people like me are an under-served population of sports fans. The sports spin cycle chews up and spits out the opinion du jour and doesn’t cater to the patient, reasonable sports fan. But I know we’re out there. Speak up and be heard – vote for Optimist Prime!

Optimist Prime’s Record is: Court Room: 0-0, King of the Hill: 0-0

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