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Geek is one of my all-time favorite terms. Why? The history. The term geek got started when people needed to invent a new way to insult a special kind of Carney who liked to bite the heads of living things like snakes and bats (is Ozzy Osborne a geek???). Fortunately, the term has evolved into a much cooler form, simply referring to geeks as people who are obsessed about one or more things of “intellectuality.” Since lots of people call me a geek, and I’m certain I’ve never eaten the head of a living animal, I suppose I’m the latter type of geek. Which is totally cool with me. Cause I totally embrace the fact that I’m a sports geek.

A quick adjective ground rule for calling me a geek, you commenters – calling a sports geek (me) a ‘stats’ geek (not me) is a horrible insult because it’s an understatement. It’s like saying the economy has hit a ‘bit of a snag’ or ‘the Cubs have had a couple of down years.’ A sports geek is so much more than someone who understands and appreciates stats. It’s someone who gets every aspect of a sport from the off-season to the post-season and everything in between… stats included. It also means grasping details. Like how great it is for the Mets when they face a right handed pitcher because that means they can put a left-handed batter in the two-hole and impede the catcher’s throw on a Reyes steal attempt, giving him an extra tenth of a second to slide in safe.

A sports geek also knows enough about sports to distinguish a winner from a loser (usually) and a flash-in-the-pan success from a slow learner who’s built for the long-term (more usually). Most importantly, a sports geek backs up that trained gut instinct with the useless facts necessary to win arguments that appear silly to everyone but their friends (who like to get into shouting matches about this stuff).

A sports geek is also someone who knows when to stop annoying his wife about how Rex Grossman deserved a chance (I know… I admit I blew that one…) and just starts a sports blog already. (You’re welcome, sugar-bear).

As the resident sports geek on The Sports Debates, my angle is to argue my side with fact-based passion. Oh sure, I have opinions… but I really like for them to be grounded in fact. Sometimes that means a few stats, and other times it means knowing that Jerry Rice went to Mississippi Valley State University where he earned the nickname “World” by catching 24 passes in one game against Jackson State during his junior year.

Since I have a day job where I am forced to tamp down my sports geek tendencies and be serious, I thought it’d be a good idea to start this blog and let other people read the arguments I have with my friends. I’m hoping they’ll be thought provoking, cathartic, and interesting. And since I’m hoping such nice things for you, please vote for me to win all of the debates.

Sports Geek’s Record is: Court Room: 38-18, King of the Hill: 32-79

7 Responses to Bio – Sports Geek

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