Debate Formats

We have two primary debate formats. Here they are, in a very particular order:

1) Court Room Format: This is our primary debate format, consisting of 2 debators and 1 judge. The first person presents their side, then second counters, rinse and repeat. At the end of the week (usually after 2 rounds) the judge will render a verdict. Once the verdict is rendered, the debate is over — but not the discussion. Just like in our real lives, we can’t let things go. So, we created an entirely different blog to contain all of our various complaints about unfair rulings and to get our barbs in after the whistle is blown. It’s called TSD Overtime. Make sure and check it out after each debate.

2) King of the Hill Format: This is the all-inclusive group beat down. Each author takes a different side and argues their points against the others. At the end of the debate the authors will politely agree on a winner and sing Kum Ba Ya. Er, actually, no. The community will vote on the winner. They’re important, too. Whoever wins this debate gets to be the judge of the next court room debate. Vote early, vote often, folks.

Do you have format you’d like to see on this blog? Let us know! Email us at We’ll even write you back.

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