The Sly Stallone Boxing Hall of Fame Debate

December 15, 2010

Read the opposing arguments from Loyal Homer and Babe Ruthless.

The International Boxing Hall of Fame has announced its inductee class for 2011.

“Iron” Mike Tyson, Julio Cesar Chavez, Kostya Tszyu, Referee Joe Cortez, and Ignacio “Nacho” Beristain were (and still are) legends during their time in the ring. Each will be entering the hall to join the greatest in boxing history. But they were not the only people named this year.

Joining the newest batch of legends in boxing’s hall will be Sylvester Stallone.

In reality, Sylvester Stallone has the exact same professional boxing record that I do. But on the silver screen, his creation – Rocky Balboa – is among the most recognizable figures in all of boxing. Who amongst us hasn’t imagined ourselves running up the steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, or screamed ”Yo, Adriaaaaaaaaan!” at the top of our lungs AT LEAST once in our lives?

But are Hollywood catch-phrases and musical montages enough to warrant induction into the same fraternity as Muhammad Ali, Rocky Marciano, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Sugar Ray Robinson?

Does Sylvester Stallone deserve induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame?

There are plenty of reasons why Loyal Homer feels that Stallone should NOT be receiving this honor, while Babe Ruthless feels that the honor is absolutely deserved.

No matter what the verdict, though, John Goodman should not get his hopes up for a similar honor in Cooperstown!

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